Adeo Vita

This is a blurb from a story I started writing before, and mostly a response to Mali’s superhero story :)

“How many books do you sell here?”


I blinked, taken aback at the unexpected answer. 

“None? What do you mean none?”

“These books are not meant to be sold.”

“Then this is a library?”

“Of a kind.”

“Why are your answers so damn vague?” I finally snapped in frustration. He merely smiled and went on staring. I sighed in annoyance. “Each of us received cryptic notes that had information no one else should know. They also had a name and address at the end. They led us here…what do you know about it?”

The man smiled again and swept his arm around, motioning towards all the books. 

“Please, go ahead and open a book. However, a note of caution; not all of them are safe.” And on that extremely vague and slightly worrying note, he turned around and disappeared. It happened so suddenly that everyone was left staring, unable to believe their eyes, myself included. I shook myself out of my stupor and jumped over the desk. There has to be some sort of mirror or trap door he went through, but even after ten minutes of looking, five of which were spent with everyone looking, we did not find any logical explanation. Bewildered and kind of  freaked out, we just stared at each other until the blonde kid asked what we should do next.

By the way, I like your superhero Mali! Also,

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